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Women in Horror Trading Cards: Sam Kolesnik

Women in Horror Trading Cards: Sam Kolesnik

Sam Kolesnik not only makes movies, she makes film festivals!  That’s dedication.  I mean, writing movies?  Sure.  Directing movies?  I can understand that.  But to take all the stress of the creative process and add a bunch of practical problems like…projector volume and networking potential is a special hell that only a few seem to be crazy devoted enough to try to pull off.  And I can personally attest to the fact that she did it well!  Keep an eye on this woman.  She is going places.

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Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. Acadia Einstein

    I really have to figure out the rules for this card game.

  2. Cider

    Women get shit done, man.

  3. Renaye

    An unstoppable force in filmmaking! Love everything about this lady.

  4. Deeny

    Go all the places, Sam!


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