So now you can’t juggle in the court?  Why don’t we just BECOME RUSSIA?  According to Yahoo a dude in Massachusetts who wanted to do some juggling during his trial to prove he was just kidding when he robbed a store was refused by the so-called judge, ruining the man’s “I’m a clown in real life” defense.

The 20-year-old man, who is representing himself, asked that he be allowed to juggle three wads of paper for 20 seconds to show jurors that the alleged attempted robbery was a misunderstanding.

Obviously our country is going down the tubes when a man cannot present a vigorous (if ridiculous) defense.  I am not really sure how the guy was going to connect the dots between “I am a professional clown” and “I left the store with the money” but that’s what the trial is for.  Honestly, if that is the defense that the defendant,  Orlando Melendez, came up with as his best shot he might be the best lawyer I ever met.

Menendez: I should plead guilty.

Also Menendez: Orrrr, I could say I am a clown which would absolve me for some reason and I could prove it by juggling in court!

Menendez: That’s ridiculous and I will go to jail.

Also Menendez:  Is it?  Will you?  Or we?  Or is it genius?

Menendez:  You’re a loose cannon, Menendez, but this might just be crazy enough to work!

I’m convinced.  Let him go!