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Woolly Mammoth in Chicago – a Shopping Trip

Woolly Mammoth in Chicago – a Shopping Trip

Woolly Mammoth in Chicago: On a scale of $-$$$$, everything there is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ so definitely go because it was fun to look around but you should not buy anything unless you have a sugar daddy/mama and/or are Nicolas Cage.

Acadia sent me the name of the place and since I am such a good employee I went.  But did he tell me to buy something and expense it?  No he did not.  So maybe decide which thing you wish I had gotten and then we can pressure him into paying!

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  1. Andrew

    Can I have a vertebrae? I’ve got a bunch of metal holding my spine together, so I could really use a spare. You know, just in case of vertebrae based spinal emergencies.

  2. Joey C

    how big is that squirrel? Can I ride it? If so, put me down.

  3. Jess

    I need those legs!!! Mine broke this past weekend. They ditched me…. #jerklegs

  4. Cider

    Victorian hair wreath FOR CERTAIN.


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