I was recently confronted on an opinion piece with the idea that my notions were poorly written, ridiculous, preposterous and strewn together because of a life of white privilege. I lol’d. The idea that someone’s skin color could be at the center of who that person is or how their life has been lived or hasn’t is the deepest ideals of racism, isn’t it? I write for the audience at hand…

einstein quote

This quote from Einstein is one of my favorite principles. I always make it my business to fully understand whatever it is I am writing about. After all, I can’t expect anyone to understand it if I don’t understand it myself.

To use layman’s terms is a British expression meaning to communicate using language that the average person can understand. The average person is someone without any professional training or specific understanding of the subject area.

Me irl

So in closing go f*** yourself and your big fancy words.