My System Admin yells at me a lot.  I let him, though because without him the site would be down more than his mom (which is a lot).  So when I started getting a WordPress Unable to Create Directory when updating a plugin I decided to reach out to him for help.  I need to update things and this is slowing me down.  So I MENTIONED it to him during work (I was at work, too).  And he was so nice he was actually going to try to fix it while he was working.

Then he yelled at me so I told him I would document what was happening and show him.  So here it is.  And now I assume everyone who has this problem will get it solved because he will fix it and say what he did in the comments!

So now all I have to do is hope he doesn’t yell at me too much when I post this.  I mean, he will tell me that my hosts sucks and whatnot but hey!  Who wouldn’t?  It does!  But he is super nice and I am totally sure he will help.  And if he doesn’t, you can ask him to by talking to him on G+ here is his profile!