Oh yeah forgot to tell you peoples – once it gets higher in the tournament there are sometimes days in which there are NO GAMES. But I still have things to entertain you. Like…

HEY I noticed something lame on the internet! (yeah I know, huge shock right). While on You Tube the other day, watching Black Flag videos I noticed a little soccer ball in the player. By clicking it, you can activate (and really destroy) your viewing experience by having vuvuzelas play over whatever you’re watching. Case in point – KILLA BEES. Click the soccer ball and it gets fucking META.

When there are a good amount of great, yet not interesting teams left, you have to go back to what got you here. And that is linking to English tabloids about backlash.

From the Sun, a MASSIVE HUGE breaking news SCOOP. A few England guys who barely got playing time decided to have some beers and some cigars in a hotel room. I’m all about calling England out on how shitty they played but is THIS really a story? Moreso a scandalous story? Bunch of guys, barely logged playing time decide to have a few beers and smoke and they are DISRESPECTING the country, whose fans spent a lot of money to go to South Africa to see them lose. It’s cute in theory that your athletes should be these standards of honor or morality but really they are all just like us. Those guys were in a situation in which they get tons of coverage, didn’t play (and thus not at fault really) and what else are you going to do in South Africa anyways? All that team did was go on safari, golf and sit in their hotels and panic. I mean hell, it’s not like a team member burned an England flag and said they hate England.

Well, that’s only half true if you clicked that link. Ashley Cole sort of DID SAY that he hated the country and the people, via blackberry before his plane took off back home. Which really, you want to say “I hate England and the fucking people” and text that to your friends and put that in writing right before you board a plane going back to ENGLAND.

MORE England downfall, in rumor form: The courts in England furthered a two-week media gag order on the private life of Steven Gerrard due to Gerrard alledgely getting his wife’s sister preggo. John Terry was pissed at the English national team organization for giving Gerrard the captain position, because when John Terry knocked up someone other than his wife, he was stripped of the captaincy. Seriously, if YOU had constant tabloid coverage would you even ATTEMPT to cheat on your wife? With her sister?

Hey Portugal, sorry you got knocked out by Spain. Hey Ronaldo, do you have a quote for us?

So the French are still freaking out about imploding and going home early. It’s gotten to such a point that French politicans are weighing in (because it’s good hustle to look out on your electorate and say “I agree that SUCKED that we failed”) and it’s pissing off FIFA, who are becoming eerie similar to the mob in how they handle things. The French Football Federation president Jean-Pierre Escalettes resigned, which annoyed FIFA to the point in which the FFF may be banned from participating in the next tournament.

Diego Maradona promised to strip naked and run the streets of Buenos Aries is Argentina wins. this woman (semi NSFW) has also made that promise, but if Paraguay wins the cup. Her name is Larissa Riquelme, and she has been at the games, cell phone tucked inside her ridiculously tight tank top. She would like to put the World Cup Trophy there if Paraguay wins, but she will settle for (and really everyone else will settle for this) running around Paraguay naked if they win.

Nigeria takes their soccer seriously. The president of Nigeria (his name = Goodluck Jonathan!) has suspended the national team from international friendlies (where these teams play exhibition games against the other countries as tune-ups) for TWO YEARS. The best part of this? they signed the manager to a four-year extension (or through the next World Cup), so for two years that manager will become the highest paid gym teacher EVER.

YOUR Friday/Weekend Preview after the jump!

Netherlands vs. Brazil (Friday, 10:00 AM EST)

Holland has been the refreshing breath of fun at the cup; the “best team to never win” sayeth the blogs. Brazil are the giant of the cup, the winners, the legacy. Are you an underdog type or a favorite type? How do you feel about the color orange? All of these will help you out. And then you will either be happy or sad when Brazil wins. Because they will; it’s like betting on whether the sun will come out tomorrow.

Uruguay vs. Ghana (Friday, 2:30 PM EST).

Whom do you throw your support behind? Here’s some help. Uruguay has celebrated its’ run so far with a huge barbeque. Ghana’s been celebrating their run by partying like a motherfucker. So, how would you spend your long weekend; at a bbq or at a house/hotel party? The answer will lead you to your favorite team.

Germany vs. Argentina (Saturday, 10:00 AM EST). Two great teams, one matchup, winner wins, loser goes home. That should be enough to get you interested right? Just in case you aren’t interested in seeing two teams that have been almost dominant in the Cup so far play it out, how about some added drama? From Yahoo’s coverage:

“(Maradona) had gotten word that German player Bastian Schweinsteiger was complaining about Argentina’s tactics with the referees, the behavior of their fans and, of course, the dirty acts that went down during a brawl following Germany’s 2006 World Cup penalty kick victory.

So Maradona stared into a Fox Sports camera on Thursday and with a mock German accent asked:’What’s the matter Schweinsteiger? Are you nerrrvoushhh?’”

OH YEAH, it’s a blood feud. Maradona won’t even TAKE A SEAT at a press conference when German guys are there. In 2006, Germany beat Argentina, and fights broke out after the victory between the teams and fans. In what can only be called THE WAR TO SETTLE THE SCORE, they meet again in the quarterfinals on Saturday. Even Pele, Brazilian soccer legend, noted Maradona hater gets involved in the feud:

“[Maradona] is not a good coach, because he had a bizarre lifestyle which cannot go down well with his team,” Pele told the German magazine 11Freunde.

The game is Saturday. Maradona has one more press conference today (Friday if you’re reading this late), which may be his last press conference for four years.

Paraguay vs. Spain (Saturday, 2:30 PM EST). Spain has got their head screwed on straight, not looking past Paraguay. Paraguay has THIS. Also, THIS woman also declared that she will make love to every guy on the team if they win. Is there anyone who has more riding on this victory than Paraguay?

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