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Have you seen the latest Cadillac commercial?  I’m assuming it’s a rebuttal to the rebuttal.

First the original

Now the rebuttal:

Now the rebuttal to the rebuttal:

First off I would like to say, way to American GM.

Staying at home leaves you with a better chance of hi­five’ing your own son as opposed to the pool boys….And while you were at work all those years, don’t you think you could have taken care of that ignition?

I mean it’s not like we bailed you out or anything…

And the American people are not off the hook for this one either. We hated GM for needing 16 billion dollars. 750 billion to the banks, OK… But dammit GM. F*** you and your handout.

So, we bail out a company that tries to sell the American dream on steroids with no other purpose other than to buy a Cadillac.

Nice rebuttal GM.