I confess after I fell for the Sea Monkeys I was smart enough not to go for the X-Ray specs. Still it seemed like a great idea to an adolescent boy. I hardly think I was the only one with lecherous fantasies. Of course if the things had worked the international female conspiracy would have found a way to foil them. Worse still everyone wearing lead panties would probably have a Hypno Coin and the audience for Monday Night Football would evaporate.

I never got closer to the dream than the surprisingly effective Photoshop X-ray trick but photographer Nick Veasey keeps a linear accelerator in his studio. That’s right a Russian-made tabletop particle turbocharger.  Veasey uses industrial x-ray machines like the kind the army uses to check out tanks for stress fractures to make incredible photographs.

You don’t want to be alive when he does this. Veasey has to bombard his subjects for as long as twelve minutes so most of his human subjects are dead. (He’s got eight hours to work in before rigor mortis sets in) It’s a good thing that he’s building a new studio with 35-inch thick lead-lined concrete walls. Who knows what he’ll come up with in there.

For more amazing X-Ray Photos go to Nick Veasey X-Ray Photographer

I always loved big yellow machines myself

Some of his images are photo manipulations of separate x-ray shots. Does that make his work less amazing?

I caught an ex girlfriend secretly unwrapping Christmas presents once. She got caught because she did a better job than I did re-wrapping them.

I think it’s a better keyboard than mine.

I wonder if Kylie knew her knickers were going to be on display? Plus aren’t all those ruffles uncomfortable?

Notice the anonymous man with the X-Ray specs. Would he have a T on his face if he wasn’t in shadows?

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