I sat around on the grass expensively for four goddamn years.

My poor college (I don’t say University cause it sounds pretentious and takes longer) never gets in the news for anything.  The last famous alumni we had was me.  And the one before that was Denzel Washington.  And the one before that was Alan Alda and before that was Vince Lombardi.  But now we have this Internet-famous dude.  And it’s sports related.  Fordham is always sort of good in baseball and this clip shows it.  The guy does what everyone who knows how to play the game has thought about doing (or wondered why more people don’t do) at least once.

Also – props to the terrible college announcer.  Boom goes the dynamite, indeed.  I didn’t have time to announce games when I went to school.  I was busy being cool on campus and running for my life off campus.  Fuck. The Bronx is not a friendly place.  Anyway – watch this shit.