Now that Mitt Romney has picked his son, Paul Ryan, as his VP nominee, we can get down to some serious presidential electin’!  And here’s what I hope happens.

  • I hope that people repeat statements that they hear on cable news shows without knowing what they really mean.
  • I hope that there are a million extended arguments on the Internet where there are lots of point by point quotes and rebuttals.
  • I hope at least one news show gets invented where they bring in a liberal and a conservative and have them talk about ONE point until it gets boiled down to the part that is based on “belief” so people understand that these people are doing things because they THINK they will work, not because they know they will.
  • I hope people realize that things were not always better in the past and they are not always worse now.
  • I hope Democrats stop making facts sound like opinions.
  • I hope Republicans stop making opinions sound like facts.
  • I hope that everyone realizes that the most American thing you can do is act UnAmerican.
  • I hope they don’t pass some stupid gun law because of the movie theater shooting.
  • I hope people don’t believe that taxing the rich more is going to fix anything.
  • I hope people believe that taxing the rich less is going to fix anything.

But most of all, I hope that nobody tries to tell me that George W. Bush or Barack Obama is the “worst president we’ve ever had.”  Anyone who says that is an idiot.  Seriously.  Now let’s argue some politics!