Some stuff doesn’t work right but whatevs.  I will fix it.  Feel free to use this thread to mock, help, comment or what have you.  I woke up to this email from Cornmeal.

The thumbs on the side like that are making some of the pictures go off to far to the right, covering the side bar there.  If the pic was at the 540 max and had a thumb, it’s definitely doing that.  I don’t know how long it’s been since you haven’t been doing thumbs, but I know that we have a pretty extensive backlog of stuff that does have them.  Do you seriously want to go back through EVERYTHING and take the thumbs out or whatever?  If you leave them like they are it’s going to look like we suck at the internet.

Among other problems

  • Some of the widgets disappeared.  Don’t know where they went.
  • I have extra widget holes now – don’t know what to do with them.
  • All the celeb links are gone.
  • You smell.
  • It looks pretty awesome overall.

So yeah, if you know anything about design or wordpress or whatever and feel like helping, I will have sex with you.  Or find someone that you want to have sex with to have sex with you.  Or just genuinely thank you.  I guess.  So now nobody wants to have sex with me?  Well good.  I was just kidding anyway.