This doesn't have anything to do with anything. I can't waste time finding pictures for you!

So you may have noticed that we changed things.  A lot.  Like.  Completely.  Why?  Well, this is our 5th year in business.  Does it count as a business if all I do is spend money?  Well, regardless, Vange and I have a lot of shit planned for you and one of them is the redesign.  Sooooo, I need you to tell me what you like, don’t like.  I’m going to be updating this thread with info so no repeats.  Just tell me what you think.

  1. I know the menu bar is fucked up – if you can help me unfuck it, let me know.
  2. We made the template ourselves
  3. We are going for an Art Deco type thing and are sticking with it, so it will be changing.
  4. The palm trees are not gonna stay – that was a practice.
  5. I don’t know if any of the plugins work.
  6. The Reply/Quote comment plugin does not work – it’s coming out.
  7. I’m doing a custom font for the headline.
  8. I don’t like the tags in the header of the article.
  9. It does not work right without the lips.  Gotta do something about that.
  10. Art Deco was hot in the 20’s.  As was H.P. Lovecraft.  So go read this story.  Go Cthulhu!

So – feel free to give your opinions.  And show your boobs.  Thanks!

This is how we made the block quote.  I don’t have a lot else to say in here.  How about I tell you that one time my friend was really hung over and he took a shit that smelled so bad he puked in the bathroom sink at the same time.

Forgot to test the photo gallery thing.  Remember Harper’s Island?  Well after the jump you can see all of the characters.  Also being tested in this sequence…the jump.

I know the big versions of the pics look shitty – that’s not the new design’s fault.  It is your fault.