Yep – Whales.  Not the stupid thong thing I put in the picture.  I mean REAL whales.  I like to think that if global warming turns out to really fuck us up, the whales and dolphins will get mad and grow arms and legs really fast.  I look forward to the day when the ocean mammals come ashore and kick human asses.  And I hope they eat PETA first.  But then again, maybe I don’t cause the PETA people would not put up a fight and would just let themselves get eaten.

Why the mammals?  Cause they are smarter, of course.  And people don’t feel bad for fish.  Ever.  Did you ever hear anyone bitching about the tuna that get caught in the dolphin nets?  Nope.  And you never will.  People are speciesist against fish and bugs.  You better be more empathetic, humanity.  Anyway – look at this big whale!

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