I was watching that HBO miniseries The Pacific and it occurred to me that apparently the Marines in the Pacific said “Jap” a lot.  But then as I thought more about it, it seems like World War Two was the last time our country did shit because there really wasn’t any other choice.

I mean there were probably some douches who protested it but all in all people seemed to get the fact that if we didn’t win, we would be pretty fucked.  Hitlerized!  So everyone just went and did shit that they would not have done if they had had a choice.  I don’t mean wimping out on going to war, I mean if there had been a way to not HAVE a war, then I’m pretty sure most people would have voted for that rather than getting their face shot off.

But nobody gave them a vote.  They went and got killed and saved us all from being Nazi’s. And they were scared shitless.  And according to my great uncle, who jumped into France before D-Day (should have followed up on that), his plane had a sign in it that said:

Bravery doesn’t mean not being afraid.  Bravery means being afraid and doing it anyway.

We don’t really have any shit like that now.  As far as I know.  I don’t mean the current military.  They do what they do because they volunteered and they should be commended.  But there hasn’t been any “we don’t have a choice” thing since World War Two.  Do you think we’ll have another?  Am I missing one?  Does the Cold War count?

Anyway – I found this great batch of pics from WW2 in the pacific.  I’m gonna post one every once in a while to make you feel like a pampered piece of shit.  Like I do.

WWII Pearl Harbor 1941

December 7, 1941: Eight miles from Pearl Harbor, shrapnel from a Japanese bomb killed three civilians. The Navy reported there was no nearby military objective. Poor fuckers.