Peruse these messed up family scrapbooks and you will look more kindly upon Uncle Ted, the drunk farting uncle none of the adults will let the toddlers be alone with.

I hope this was the cover of their wedding album.

I hope this is the cover of their wedding album.

Is that a Christmas bush?

WTF. Where do you even find butt flap jammies for a full grown man?

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Don't call. Seriously.

This is not an approved use of finger paints.

Okay kids, take off your clothes; it's hot tub time!

Okay kids, take off your clothes; it's NAKED HOT TUB TIME!

A parrot, a bayonet and Transition lenses. Of course.

I should have bought Girl Scout cookies from her. Better check my homeowners insurance.

The foot in the lower left is nearly as concerning as the evil Easter Bunny.

Look, it's Father of the Year 1977!

When she grows up, she's gonna create the "trashcan clown porn" niche. Just you wait and see.

Beer, blizzards and breastfeeding!

Dismissing all the other obvious questions, let's focus on why the lid is up.

I am speechless.

They are such good christians, they let the foster kid be inthe picture. Look under Mom's butt.