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Your Super Bowl Alternative

The Super Bowl is going to run what, four hours, say?  That’s 14440 seconds.  That means you could watch my alternative: Barefoot Bill’s Naked Guy Zombie Movie about 145 times in the same stretch.  Fuck that Super Bowl.  Tom Brady rules.  And fuck Peyton Manning’s stupid brother.  And fuck you, Ray Lewis, you and your fat RAVENS!  But I digress.

I am currently in high level negotiations with Barefoot Bill (check out his link only if you want a lot of naked man) to become the guy half of the Gallery’s Official Naked Couple.  So far the negotiations have gone like this:  Something something.  Bill telling me him and his lady partner are fine being naked.  Me saying okay.  Bill going to get the snow off his car (I presume with clothes on).  Me writing this post.

So since I never asked anyone else to be naked on the site before (and technically I didn’t really ask him) I guess I am batting 1000 with the whole: “hey, be naked on the site” thing.  So after the jump, you can see Bill as a zombie who apparently got made a zombie while he was taking a bath, cause he’s naked.  Also he tries to strangle his victim instead of eating his brains.  And he’s naked.  So I expect some thoughtful reviews of this clip.  It’s a real movie.  But this scene was cut out because the director realized that the zombie was a naked dude.  Now go watch!  Oh, and if stupid Vimeo doesn’t work with your browser then click the link.  I’m not your personal projectionist.  Douche.

Barefoot Bill Naked Zombie Movie!

Barefoot Bill Pacer Nude Zombie from Barefoot Bill on Vimeo.

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Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. vange

    So since I never asked anyone else to be naked on the site before…



  2. Acadia

    me saying “I dont care what you do as long as it’s after the jump” is not the same as asking.

  3. vange

    You mah pimp daddy!

  4. loolpooq

    wow kelsey grammer has really let himself go

  5. Jennyjinx

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m think chili cheese nachos sound good right about now. Or perhaps a chili dog. I’m up in the air on it.

  6. Jennyjinx

    Also, that was supposed to be “thinking” but since I’m dyslexic and/or just learning how to use a keyboard, I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

  7. vange

    Naked Bob is funny!

  8. HereComesGreen

    i prefer the chick in the toga over naked bill. too bad the toga didn’t drop. you should start negotiations with her.

  9. VetTech

    Obviously the nudity was necessary to preserve the artistic integrity of the plot.

  10. Sputnikki

    Bill is awesome!!! Hope we get to see more of him…if that’s even possible 😉

  11. barefoot bill

    You are all crazy–and love it. I did this film a couple years ago and the director fully enthusiastic. Then the distributor freaked, saying my dangling bits would inhibit sales; thus the scene was trimmed. Gives a whole new meaning to a man being cut and uncut.


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