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You’re Fired.

Trump is back for another round of Celebrity Appre…wait, REGULAR Apprentice! He’s two weeks in and allegedly the theme is people down on their luck in this economy.

I can tell that’s the theme one of two ways: 1. Trump constantly telling me this so there is no way I can’t not know, but also 2. One of the tasks was selling ice cream BARS in a park. Which, I’m pretty sure was a microcosm for the whole financial struggle. Hey, look at how we make decisions on who to manage our companies, we’re deciding big business based on how they sell ice cream!

Unbelievably horrible task, at least they’re stepping it up tonight by making the folks manage like a Dog Spa or Dog Daycare Center.

One other way you can also tell the economy is fucked from this show: Two people are literally fighting over who gets to be a receptionist. In a show to select who will be the next top dog of a Trump endeavor or whatever the prize is…yeah, seriously. How about saving your battles for when you, oh, I don’t have to make ACTUAL DECISIONS?

I also love how Trump blatantly leaves dudes in who should be fired just because of the TV aspect of things. Last week he pulled three guys back. These two dudes, James and David, who have been awful thus far, yet they yell and are generally loud. And dislike each other. Then a third guy, Alex. Who is quiet. Trump says he doesn’t have the passion of the other two. Fires him.

Seriously, Trump can’t be that dumb, right? Real life company executives can see through the bullshit that these other guys are throwing out there, right? Or, shit, maybe they can’t.

David, especially, was terrible. It would be an easy decision to fire him. Hey, let’s fire the guy who causes problems, doesn’t really do shit, but then is really good at pretending to do shit. David is a walking checklist for what you would not want in an employee.

However, he’s a walking checklist for reality TV. He’s already talking shit on this week’s project manager, who is…wait for it…


They weren’t even done their initial group meeting and James already threatened to “bench” David. Which, sure, was ridiculously childish, but, wow, both of these dudes are horrible.

So horrible that I’m going to watch the next 45 minutes of this show!

Just to get this out of the way…the women were on this episode. They won. They were boring and did nothing of any significance. They said stuff like, “my mother loves you” and went crazy when this Caesar Milan guy came in. Caesar was the judge.

I assume he was the judge because of having a badass name.

Not sure how that was pertinent to the task, but, I’ve got no clue who the guy is.

So, yeah, back to the men. Basically two things happened. First, James tossed David about halfway through. Second, Wade was made to do the entrance and what not because he had the most experience with leaving your dog at dog spas.

The men lost because of their clusterfuck in organization and presentation. Caesar loved their webcam, but, really, they had nothing else. Wade was in charge of that. They completely ignored this in the board room. As much as I dislike James and David, Wade dropped the ball the most on this particular task.

That said, this was pretty much Trump paint-by-numbers once David was sent home. James took a huge gamble. He wanted to look like the hero by sending the problem home and then winning. Obviously losing was his first flaw of that plan.

The second flaw was that you look like a complete bitch even if you do win. IT’S NOT WORTH WINNING IF YOU CAN’T WIN BIG.

He sent the guy home, then they lost. So, yeah, there might be no upside to David’s presence, but, he would have had a fighting chance if David had at least been kept around.

James didn’t make enough in the boardroom of Wade being a douchebag and not giving a fuck about the task as well as not playing up that David also lost as project manager last week.

But, really, nothing was going to save him. His best hope was to make an argument that he should switch teams because his team turned against him unfairly. That would be a desperation move unless you could pull it off so casually that Trump would think that the idea was his.

On the plus side, Trump has a huge ego and is definitely susceptible to manipulation, so, hey, maybe it would have worked.

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  1. sangfroid

    Seriously? This is one step above broadcasting bum fights.

  2. captain america

    this bald ASSHOLE is using his wife as some kind of trophy.
    (btw: john delorean was bankrupt in the end)

  3. Nicole Ireland

    I want to torch Trump’s hideous hairpiece.


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