GBWRHighHeelsI can’t sit here and act like I know what it’s like to run, or even walk for that matter, in high heels.  I’ve never been curious enough to put a pair on.  Just from looking at them, they don’t appear to be all that comfortable, so it confuses me as to why people would put themselves through it.  Well, not completely.  I sort of get it.  Appearances and all that.  But, I mean, at some point you just have to say “EFF appearances!”  right?  I don’t know.  I’m not exactly at the forefront of what’s fashionable so my opinion probably isn’t the one you need to be listening to.

Anyway, today’s video is of Ms. Julia Plecher setting the Guinness world record for the fastest 100m high heel run.  She clocks in with a time of 14.531 seconds.