First of all, I want to give my apologies for posting a Star Wars related video two weeks in a row.  Surely you know, though, that there is no shortage of bizarre stuff when it comes to Star Wars.  We’ve covered a lot of it here.  There’s the Chewbacca chewing tobacco statue, the Jabba the Hutt snowman, sexy Boba Fett, we even have Ewoks driving DeLoreans!

All that’s well and good, but it’s hard to say the word “bizzare” and not mention the Japanese.  I’ve even covered one of their foray’s into the Star Wars universe before.  It was pretty awesome.  It’s almost like Star Wars and Japan were made for each other.  In any case, the video I have for you today features the same WTFness you’ve come to expect from the Japanese.  Check it out after the jump.