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YouTuesday – Lego Star Wars Crank Organ

I’ve tried to stay away from a couple topics lately because I feel like I was starting to go a little overboard with them.  The two things that I’ve been most conscious about are cats and Star Wars.  It’s hard to self police yourself when it comes to stuff you like.  Acadia’s not much of a help either because he likes cats and Star Wars too.    But in the interest of variety, I’ve been trying to mix it up for a while.  That said, I’ve found a video that I simply have to share.  Obviously, if you read the title to this and see the picture up there, you know what it is.  If not, well, you’re weird.

Anyway, just look at that thing.  It’s huge!  I can’t imagine how long it took to build, but I’m glad someone did.  I firmly believe that the world is a better place now that this is in it.


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  1. Acadia

    I don’t get why this wasn’t more popular – I am so disappointed with you all.


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