I’ve been a pretty big video gamer my whole life.  The first game I can ever remember playing was Ms. Pac-Man.  My brother and I took turns on the game while at the laundromat with our mom.  Since that time, I’ve never stopped gaming.  Even with the technological advances in the gaming industry, I miss the arcades of old.  I would spend hours in them.  Even after I had spent all my money I’d still hang around and watch everyone else play.  As much as I love home consoles, the arcade as I knew it effectively disappearing makes it feel like a little magic has been lost.  Still, the memory lives on in myself and others, and it always does my heart good to see people still paying tribute to the games of the past.  Today’s video is such a tribute.  It is a stop motion video made entirely with post-it notes.  It lasts only two and a half minutes, but took 4,800 post-it notes, 5,722 still images, and 11 months to complete.  My hat is off to the guy for sticking with it until it was done.