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YouTuesday – Thai Breast Massage

Last week Acadia gave me the choice between writing about some kid the pedos are going to be googling once her TV show hits the air or Thai breast massaging, where your boobs are literally slapped repeatedly to make them bigger.  Since I already had some experience in the boob slapping arena, that’s the one I took.

I have to admit – I’m intrigued.  Maybe I should go to one of their training courses.  Anything that lets me get away with slapping people is certainly something I’d be interested in.  I wonder if they’d let me play some Phil Collins while I do it…


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  1. sangfroid

    It’s one Million Percent Natural

  2. Malissa

    I thought a massage was supposed to be pleasurable. I’ll keep my saggy tits please.

  3. Cynthia

    Is it safe to do a thai breast massage? what’s the benefits in having it? Is it affordable?


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