In case you have been living under a rock or never ever looking at the internet or TV lately, let me tell you something: There is a highly anticipated spinoff to “The Walking Dead” coming to AMC this Sunday, August 23rd.

Fear the Walking Dead will take place in the very beginning of the outbreak in Los Angeles. It will scratch some of the itch I’ve always had about how the whole thing went down since the original series starts up when Rick wakes up in the hospital after Atlanta is decimated and has to figure out what’s going on.

Although I’ve been watching the series for years (and reading the comic in conjunction) the zombies have almost stopped being scary at a certain point now in the original, where Rick et al are more likely to be killed or run into trouble from fellow human beings than they are from zombies, which they seem to be pretty great at understanding and destroying now.

I think discovering what’s going on along with the characters in this series will get me back on the edge of my seat about the terror of zombies themselves. I also always have a little trouble completely understanding how terrifying zombies would be in the worlds they are imagined in, where there is no zombie culture, such as the world painted by TWD. There is no frame of reference for people. Whereas I feel like the average pop-culture junkie today, if confronted by an actual zombie apocalypse would sigh, get annoyed, and start figuring out the best vantage point to pick them off with headshots and making a plan for who they will ally themselves with, these people have absolutely no idea what is happening. Super terryfing.

Interestingly, “Patient Zero” will feature in the series, though I don’t know to what degree. There are no plans to solve the mystery of the origins of the illness.

Below are first some teaser trailers, followed by the full comic-con trailer for the series. Set your DVRs for Sunday night, August 23rd! I’ll be writing about the show regularly, so check back!

The “Good Morning Los Angeles” Teaser:

“Nick’s Escape” Teaser:

Pool Teaser:

Skatepark Teaser:

Neighborhood Teaser:

Official Comi-Con Trailer: