Lookin' chill outside a boxcar. Ominous, no?

You guys. Walking Dead is coming back this Sunday.

In case you didn’t know, I love this show hard. If you haven’t watched it yet, I have two things to say:

1. What is wrong with you?
2. Catch up IMMEDIATELY by whatever means necessary. (I also recommend reading the comic in conjunction, incidentally. The stories diverge greatly so it’s actually very interesting.)

Let me tell you why you should be watching, without giving away any big spoilers in case you are some kind of idiot who hasn’t watched it yet.

The Women of Walking Dead

First of all, there are some serious butt-kicking ladies. You may recall this is a reason I listed why you should watch Vikings. If you don’t like butt-kicking ladies, then, well, honestly we don’t have much in common so you can probably stop reading now.

Second, there is a lot of complicated moral stuff in this show. It’s not just about killing zombies. It’s about how you feel about killing a zombie when it’s someone you used to love. And how you deal with the other non-zombie people around you who may be no better or worse than you but still might kill you. And of course then there are the incredibly way worse than you people, and those folks are always bad news.

Third, you kind of have to watch it because of the “Where’s Carl” memes. Watch it first, at least the first 2 seasons, and then google that if you haven’t yet. Truly, it’s amazing.

Daryl Dixon

Fourth, Daryl Dixon.

Please get on board with me for this, I plan to post more about it when the season starts back up this Sunday. You guys, this is SRS ZOMBI BSNS.

Rick Grimes

Oh yeah, this is Rick. He’s important although you might find yourself hating him intensely for entire seasons.