The Superficial Gallery began as a way for very vain people to show pics of themselves to the world.  It grew into the big giant monstrosity (as you can see) and as a result, we have pretty much lost control of it.  But there are some basic facts you need to know.  And the first thing is that while we have a lot of celeb pics – we are MORE than that.  We are trying to entertain people on a lot of levels.  So if you think you can do it, write for us.  Use the contact page to let us know what you are into.

  • Acadia runs it.  *Pours Forty for Vange*
  • There is a revolving group of writers, and by writers, I mean people who show up in the staff room and eat the free food.  But some of them write things and it is always good when they do.

There are three main parts to the site.

  1. The Index – that’s the place where we post the articles.
  2. The Mine – that’s where over 200 THOUSAND celebrity pics are.  And we would put your pics in as well.  You just need to ask and follow our pervy conditions.  Head on over to our contact page to submit a sign pic and whore your site (or yourself, we don’t care).
  3. The Batcave – that’s the forum.  You can talk about politics, TV or farts.  We are pretty easy going.

That’s about it, really.  If you want to know something else, ask us.  Or make it up.  We are fine with it either way.

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