Company Picnic

Company Picnic 2013

The Gallery would not be what it is today were it not for the dedication of the staff.  Since there is no revenue and hence no pay, the only reward they get is comments from you, the occasional product for them to review and not having to stay late in the office haunted house at night with me.

Despite the fact that everyone and their mother has a “blog” we try to do more than that here.  I know nobody cares what we had for breakfast or how we feel about our feelings. There is a place for sharing that kind of info.  I call it:” The Annual Christmas Letter that weird families send”.  We don’t navel-gaze here.  Well, we do, but not at our own.

I am listing the folks who are currently on staff below in order of their appearance.  I was even going to include the people who used to work here but don’t anymore but it was depressing.  Damn the mummy’s curse that was put on the Gallery years ago that I never tell the people who work here about.  It has killed so many good people.  🙁

Get to know the people who are working relatively hard to entertain you.  I will let them talk to you in their own words as well by including the bios they filled out.  And if they didn’t ever fill it out they will look like dopes and I will shame them into getting their act together!

And if you want to ask them any questions or stalk them, use the contact form.  Make sure you include in your note who you want the message to go to so I make sure I get it to the right person.