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  • The Gobekli Tepe Podcast
    We have never covered a topic that changes history as much as this one. Join Mells, Shooey and Acadia on a journey to Turkey and the distant past. And there might be some mysteries in there, too!
  • The Georgia Guidestones
    This week join Acadia, Mells, and Shooey as they dive into the Georgia Guidestones. Controversially known as America's Stonehenge, this oddity is not far from where Mells grew up! The crew will discuss all sorts of weird stuff like freemasons, Rosecrucians, and much more so be sure to tune in. As quoted by a former […]
  • The Ax Man of New Orleans, Part Two
    Part two of the Axeman (yeah, I'm spelling it different this week, whaddaya gonna do?) of New Orleans is upon us from the "Hottest hell." Find out what happens when a scrawny, weakling of a killer decides to hold an entire town hostage with the threat of ax murder to make jazz and the Sears […]
  • The Ax Man of New Orleans, Part One
    This week, Strangeful Things will regale you with the story of the New Orleans Axe Man! No, not the body spray that paired well with Ed Hardy, dad hats and No Fear tees. We're talking about an ax-wielding serial killer who was the bane of Italian grocers in the Big Easy.  There are bumbling cops, […]
  • The Princess of Lake Ronkonkoma, New York
    Come with Acadia, Mells, Sandwich and Shooey to the magical land of wealthy tourists, serial killers, high content alcoholic beverages and the home to our very own Shooey: Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island, New York. This week it's a spooky, Shooey-centric tale born in the murky, bottomless water of Lake Ronkonkoma! And you might even learn […]
  • The Martin Family Disappearance
    It's a Men Only show (not to be confused with Members Only, but I bet these two Gen-Xers both had one)! See how the fellas fare without Mells and Sandwich as they take you to the weirdest town in the US, PORTLAND! No, not the one in Maine, but the other one where in 1958 […]
  • Autosarcophagy
    Cannibalism isn't just for other people, it's for you, too! That's called autocannibalism! Sandwich throws her hat in the ring this week to tell Mells, Shooey and a very grossed out Acadia about a little thing called autosarcophagy (the act of eating oneself).  WARNING: Content is somewhat graphic and includes talk of gore, self-mutilation and […]
  • Alexander Bychkov, The Belinsky Cannibal
    Acadia, Mells, Shooey and Sandwich travel to Russia for the tale of Alexander Bychkov, The Belinsky Cannibal.  We're su-"spicious" of how such a young guy could have ended up senselessly murdering (and possibly eating) up to 11 victims in such a short period of time.  We'll also tell you about a cigarette ravine, crab about […]
  • Hotel President Kansas City Missouri
    It's another foursome with Acadia, Mells, Jen Sandwich and Shooey. Come explore the windowless (or shaded window) room of the Hotel President where one woman (or two women, or two women or one man)...well, we dunno! It's a mystery! Listen and find out what the hell is going on (or don't find out...again, it's a […]
  • USS Nimitz San Diego Sightings
    For the first time ever, Acadia, Mells, Shooey AND Sandwich unite in a force of silliness to talk about San Diego, the Navy, pilot call signs, butt jokes and of course, whales vaginas. In this episode we're discussing a real unidentified aircraft experience that's backed up by radar imagery from reliable sources.  We'll also tell […]

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