"Okay, Boss."

“As You Wish, Boss.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know who André the Giant is, whether it be from his wrestling career or from his memorable role in ‘The Princess Bride’. But like me, you may not know some of the more fun and interesting things about this colossal human being.

The Wonder Years – “Pilot”

The Wonder Years was the first show I was obsessed with. I know; it’s kind of a weird show to be obsessed with. Most people remember it fondly, but not as their favorite show ever. Every so often they’ll try to bring it back into syndication, which usually lasts one go round, maybe two before…

How Did This Happen?

My story isn’t unique, nor is it the only way people end up living on the edge of society. We get here a million different ways on a million different days and all of us are looked at as the leeches of the “hard working middle class.” No one brings up the billionaires of the world though. They earned every penny all by themselves. Just ask them they’ll tell you… but that’s another story for another time.

If You Want to Find some Hookers – Look in the Sewer Pipe

OK so according to Austin Police, a real estate agent tipped them off about two problems at 9112 Anderson Mill Road, the strip mall pictured above.  First of all, the pipes were clogged up.  And second of all, they are pretty sure that the  Jade Massage Therapy center was chock full of hookers!  So the cops started…

Dear Non-Poor Folks: Stop Your S****

As a former poor person, and still definitely not rich person, I object strenuously to completely out of touch articles and advice from people who have never struggled a day in their lives to figure out how to make ends meet.