Charlotte McKinney wore a bikini and a hat!

I just want people to be happy for a minute so let’s be happy for Charlotte McKinney as she goes to the beach with her friend.  I guess you can’t get blamed for how badly Baywatch stunk if you were only in it for 15 seconds!

The Eddie Izzard Doctrine

Eddie Izzard in Dress to Kill had a theory about how the “global community” operates. Let’s take a look at how the Eddie Izzard doctrine applies to today.

Why are there Snails in the Subway Station?

Yesterday I got very little actual work done because I had to drive into the city then travel all around the city then drive back to White Plains then home.  And all of that was done really really fast.  But while I was in the 59th St. subway station I saw something that wasn’t fast…

The Just Released Dark Tower Poster & What I Think it Means

What a surprise today when I saw someone retweet Idris Elba sharing the first teaser poster from The Dark Tower, starring Elba and based on the Stephen king novel, series of novels, canon of stories from basically the beginning of his career until now.  The poster tells me a lot, but if you are not familiar…